See What Our Customer’s Are Saying

“Will be getting this Kia Sorento next year sealift, Thanks Krista for all your help.” – Stanley A.

“Beautiful KIA is beautiful Qikiqtarjuaq, NU. Thanks Krista for all your help!!!” – Laila A.

“Went home to this, from my long weekend camping! 🙂 My Birthday present from me! Came in September 03, 2018! One day shy after my birthday!!” – Hannah A.

“She’s here! Brand new! 2018 Chevy” – Pasa A.

“Amazing service. Not a single hassle getting the car me and my fiancé wanted and they delivered it in amazing timing thanks so much loving the new Kia Forte LX plus. Thanks Krista and Three Amigos.” – Stefanie E. & Darrin M.

“Thank you, it’s a beauty” – Rhoda R.

“Yay! Thanks for all your help” -Cassan N.

“Are you looking for a new vehicle? Well I suggest you contact Three Amigos and ask for Krista. She will help you get the vehicle you need and provide you with great service as well!” – Nathalie M.

“Loving our new ride, Krista. she’s a beauty. took me awhile to get used to, but I love it! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!! #nissanrogue2017” – Amelia J.

“Well here she is, our new ride! Hard work pays off. Thanks to the Three Amigos for all the help to get me into my truck!!!” – Joe S.

“Thanks Krista for all your help! Amazing Service” – Deanna S.

“Thank you so much for my wife’s new ride!! She is one happy lady, was a real good ride home once we left the lot!”- Timothy S.

“Thanks so much for all your help! I am loving my new wheels.” – Alicia T.

“Thank you so much for such a great experience Three Amigos, its been smooth riding since our new truck arrived!” -Vicki M.

“Thank you for all your help! Three Amigos do amazing work! Thanks again!!!!” -Isaac B.

“I love my Nissan Rogue and the awesome service you’ve given me. Been traveling all over the place in the last year. Highly recommend this dealership to my family and friends.” – Valerie F.

“Loving my 2017 GMC Terrain. Which I got in May of 2017. Just passed my one year mark with my lovely Beauty !!!” – Ashley T.

“Me and my wife are more than happy with the purchase from them and would be more than happy to buy another one in the future off the service was awesome.” – Kyle M.

“Liking my Equinox!” – Daryl J.